Cistercian Preparatory School

Summer Programs FAQ

Are Summer Programs open to boys who don’t attend or haven’t applied to Cistercian?

    Yes.  We are happy to open our doors to all boys of the appropriate ages for all of our Summer Programs.

    What is the refund policy?

    If written notification of cancellation is received before the start date of the camp or class, Cistercian will refund tuition (minus deposit). No refunds will be granted for cancellation after the start date.


What books are needed for my son’s courses?

    Parents will be notified via email at the end of May of any books or supplies that are not provided.

What are the attendance requirements?

    If your son is required to attend a particular course, then any absences must be approved by the Director of Summer Programs.  Failure to complete a required course or attend all of the classes might affect admission or reenrollment status.

    If your son is not required to attend a particular course, he may miss days at your discretion.  Please make the teacher or coach aware of any planned absences as soon as possible.