• Pétanque

    Sophomores experienced the classic French game, pétanque, as part of their French 2 class. Similar to bocce ball, pétanque players must take turns tossing a ball as close as possible to a small ball called a cochonnet. One may use their turn to try to throw the ball toward the cochonnet, or they may try to knock the other player's ball away.

  • Architecture Elective

    A Form V student presents his design to his class and a small group of professionals that his teacher brought in.

  • A Word to Enkindle

    Click here to read Thoughts on conscience, community, and Catholicism by Fr. John, special to The Texas Catholic.

  • French 3 Projects

    Students studied the regions of France for their Quarter 1 projects.

  • Quiz Bowl

    Congratulations to the six Cistercian Quiz Bowl teams on an excellent performance in the recent tournament at Greenhill. Pictured are the Juniors of "Team B" who placed third! Cistercian has now qualified three teams for Nationals in May, 2017.