• Spanish Activity

    In Spanish class, Cistercian Juniors participate in an activity asking and answering questions in a series of short conversations with partners.

  • Freshman Baptism

    Following the tradition of so many classes before, the seniors and freshmen participated in the annual “Baptism”, which is the welcoming ceremony for all freshmen coming into high school. Both students and Form Master participate in the Cistercian tradition of being thrown into a swimming pool by the members of the senior class. Every freshman entered the pool safely, and no injuries were obtained.

  • Pro-Life Kickoff Rally

    A student addresses members of the Cistercian and Ursuline pro-life clubs, CAUSE (Cistercian and Ursuline Student Effort for Life) at the Pro-Life Kickoff Rally on Saturday, September 10.

  • Ceromantia
    An exhibit of paintings, drawings, and prints by Roberto Munguia

    Reception: September 16, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
    Locale: Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Culture Center, 600 River St., Austin, TX 78701

    "Like a diviner," states Mr. Munguia, "I am seeking for something not readily seen and not easily learned within my encaustic practice. The work in this show hints at an imagined primordial state of awareness, below the surface, root-like, having to do with both physical and metaphysical processes, dreams, myth, and the translucence of existence."

    The exhibit runs through November 26.