Cistercian Student Council

Fall Activities
First Post G
ame Party - Sat., Sept. 4
Generously hosted by Mr. and Dr. Judge, the year's first post game party following the Pantego Christian match-up was a smashing success, culminating with the traditional toss of the Freshmen into the pool.   Thanks to all those who volunteered as chaperones.  Special thanks to Leslie Mohr and Jessica Johnston of the Parent's Club for so skillfully organizing all of the year's after game parties and refreshments. 

Fan Bus to Forth Worth Country Day - Fri., Sept. 17
Student Government's first (and, come to think of it, only) Fan Bus for the year drove out of the parking lot shortly after 6:30 PM.  The unexpectedly large number of students who turned out for the trip forced the cheerleaders to find alternative means of transportation.  It was a spirited journey, with many sporting face paint, HAWK regalia, and noise makers.  The presence of so many HAWK Fans did not go unnoticed throughout the game.  Thanks to Mr. Mehen for driving the bus and for his constant good cheer!!!  Thanks also to Ms. Renden and the cheerleaders for being so flexible.

2 Pep Rallies - Friday, Sept. 10 and Oct. 8
Who can forget the dancing of Kyle Welch or Scott Novak with his surgical glove competition victory? 
(See campus photos, when they become available.)

Black Hand - .
Under the subtle direction of seniors Tony Johnston, Alex Judge, Peter Radu, and Dylan Starrs, the senior members of the BLACK HAND emerged this year to stir up HAWK spiritedness to all time Cistercian highs.  Requiring each member to swear an oath of attending all Cistercian games and cheering "until the blood runeth out the ears," the BLACK HAND initiated for the first time underclassmen into the organization.  In addition to having all students gather together with their dates in the stands throughout the games, the Hand also hosted several "mini-rallies" on the steps between the gyms on afternoons of game day.

Ninja vs. Dinosaurs Sophomore Dance - Sept 10 
Proposing a truly novel theme, the Sophomores invited the whole Upper School and their guests to the annual Fall dance following the Trinity Valley game.  Representatives Tanner and Welch planned every detail of the event and motivated their classmates in transforming the otherwise drab school cafeteria into a mythical rivalry of epic proportions.  Many came in costume, with the Ninja Turtles easily overwhelming any dinosaurs present.  Thanks to Dave Tanner for generously sharing his considerable skills as D.J. for the event and to all the Sophomore moms and dads for chaperoning.

Annual Volleyball Tourney - FIREBALL - Sat., Sept 18
In the largest and most profitable volleyball tournament yet, junior representatives Graham and Graham organized the 13th annual spike fest with an amazing professionalism and efficiency.  The weather was superb and the competition fierce.  Nevertheless, the winners this year were predictably the indomitable Ojeda's (Eric and his sister, Nina), Andrew Bellay, and Peter Saliga.  A lasting reminder of the fun that was FIREBALL remains the eye-catching orange T-Shirts still sported around campus. Thanks to the parents who manned the concessions and chaperoned.

Second Post Game Party - Sat., Sept. 24
Following the Cistercian victory over TMI, students gathered with their guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moroney.  Thanks to all chaperones and Leslie Mohr and Jessica Johnston for another great post-game party. 

Homecoming: The Awesomeness 80s - Fri., Oct. 8-9
   The highlight of Student Council's Fall activities arrives with the annual Homecoming Game and Dance.  Senior representatives began meeting in the summer months with Parent Club reps Barbara Moroney and Brenda Welch to choose a theme and arrange all the details for making the weekend a success.  After much deliberation, "The Awesomeness 80's" was unanimously selected, leading to the next challenge of arranging for decorations, work days, and work crews.  While this proceeded, Andrew Bellay and Peter Koutsogeorgas accepted responsibility for putting together the Homecoming Program for the game.  Their collective technological genius and hours and days of selfless dedication resulted in a magnificent and profitable program.  The centerpiece of the decorations was the Berlin Wall, persuasively reproduced with barbed wire and grafitee, which spanned the width of the gymnasium. Guests entered through the mouth of Mr. PAC MAN, walked through the Raider's of the Lost Ark tunnel, and ascended to encounter an authentically outfitted East German Border Guard (Fr. Greg), who demanded their passports into the dance. Special thanks to Mrs. Moroney and Mrs. Welch for all their skill and labor, to all those who helped decorate and chaperone, to Mr. Gheorghe Radu and his crew for "raising the roof" with a novel and more efficient design, and to Mrs. Jessica Johnston for producing and selling a record number of Homecoming Mums!!!   

Spring Activities
After Game Party - Feb., 4 (first Spring party in memory)
Student Council Officers in conjunction with the Leslie Mohr and Jessica Johnston of the Parents Club decided to kick off the new semester by hosting a Post-Game party as a sign of support for the basketball and soccer players.  While attendance was primarily made up of under classmen and their guests, all present appreciated the opportunity to gather, consume pizza, and get to know the guests from Hockaday and Ursuline better.  Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Dale for offering their home and for all those who chaperoned.  Particular gratitude is due Mr. Welch, who alone kept watch over the distant parking area through the entirety of the cool winter evening. 

Rose Sales - Feb. 11 (Ash Wednesday)
The response to this year's rose sales proved almost overwhelming, as the freshmen class generously purchased a rose for EVERY freshman at the Ursuline Academy.  Student Council representative collected personalized cards from each who purchased a rose, and attached these to the flower during an afternoon/evening workday in the cafeteria.  Thanks to all who purchased roses this year.  Much is owed to Mrs. Linda Oliver who proved invaluable and conscientious both  in picking up the roses and in helping to sort and store them overnight.  Pizza (all vegetarian, as it was Ash Wednesday) was served to all who assisted, compliments of I Fratelli, in exchange for their advertising space in the Fall Homecoming program.

Presidential Speeches - March 30
Nine junior class members filed letters of intent to run for the position of 2005-06 Student Council President.  Each was invited by the current president, Weston McBride, to address the upper school at large in a special assembly held in the theater on Wed., March 30.  Given the number of candidates, each speech was limited to three minutes.  Common elements in the various speeches were proposals for suitable Homecoming themes and a hefty dose of humor.

Presidential Elections - Fri., April 1
With only one full day to campaign, candidates for Student Council President quickly plastered hallway bulletin boards with fliers and posters, many continuing themes that had been outlined in the previous day's speeches.  Boxes of donuts, bags of candy, and even "stress relieving squeezable earth balls" were distributed the morning of the elections (ironically, April Fools Day), as the rising seniors and their fellow underclassmen filed into the cafeteria past the various candidates to cast their determinative vote.  Impressively, in only one round of balloting, Samuel Bowler emerged victorious as the 2005-06 President.  Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Sam is the fourth consecutive student body president to hail from a Highland Park elementary school.  As tradition dictated, out-going president Weston McBride gathered all the candidates together during the 10-minute break, complimented them on their well run campaigns, and congratulated the new president, dressing him in the mukunda matata African tribal leader's vest donated by alum Tom Lewis..

Council Representative Elections - Fri., April 15
As dictated by the constitution, the various forms must elect their respective class representatives within two weeks of the presidential election.  Astoundingly, it proved to be a year of overwhelming incumbency.  Five of the six current underclassmen representatives were re-elected for a consecutive term, promising considerable continuity between this and next year's student council activities.

Prom 2005 - Friday, April 22
From 7:00 until Midnight, Cistercian juniors and seniors attended the annual Prom, themed this year: "Somewhere On Top of Some Building."  Held on the 42nd floor of the elegant City Place tower north of Downtown Dallas, guests were treated to magnificent views of the city skyline at sunset and beyond.  Dinner included Maine Lobster and Shrimp Bisque, Roasted Chicken Breast with Four Cheeses, and Kahlua Cream Cake for desert.  The 164 who attended were also treated to frozen daiquiris and pina colatas (non-alcoholic, of course) and a constantly flowing chocolate fountain throughout the evening.  Songs from the '80s seemed to dominate the D.J.'s play list, harkening back to the Fall Homecoming.  Party favors, by which to remember the night, consisted of a decidedly less formal collection of green T-shirts, mugs, and green truckers caps. The Class of 2005 thanks Ms. Greenfield, Ms. Leonard, Mr. Saliga, and their spouses for accepting their invitation to attend as honored guests for the evening.  There was also a special surprise appearance made by Mr. Drew Dawson, and his lovely finance, Lauren.  Thanks to Fr. Peter, Mr. Haaser, and our parent chaperones for being present.  Last, but by no means least, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Reisch for their generous and patient work in photographing individual couples and the senior class as a whole.