Activities 2005-06

Fall Activities
Fri., Aug. 26 -  Post Game Party -Hosted by the Graham's.  FISH thrown  
                        in the pool for their first post-pool party.  Quite an 
                        introduction to life in the Upper School of Cistercian.
Fri., Sept. 2 - FISH Representative Elections.  Congrat's to our newest 
                      reps, Kevin Hedrick and Max Tenney!!!  They hit the   
                      ground running, as though old pros at this.
Fri., Sept. 9 -  Fan Bus -  Great attendance to Trinity Valley.  Departed at 
                      6:30, returned by 10:30.  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mehen 
                       for driving.
Fri., Sept. 16 - PEP RALLY - Rob Madole and Bobby Crews led the 
                        whole Upper School in generating the good cheer and 
                        spiritedness necessary to feed the football frenzy of the 
                        HAWKS.  Cheerleaders were a most welcome part as 
                        were the poetry and hortatory of Mrs. Nied and Saliga.
Fri., Sept 16 - Post Game Party - Hosted by Haines.  Though space was a 
                       bit tight around the pool, the homemade bar-b-que 
                       sandwiches were a tremendous treat for all those able to 
                       make this party.
Sat., Sept. 17 -Volleyball Tournament - Junior representatives Tanner and 
                      Welch did a marvelous job planning and executing this year's 
                      annual Tournament, "Hairball."  T-shirts were a hit and, 
                      despite a little controversy over legitimate players, the 
                      Sophomores emerged victorious in their championship
                      match  against the Freshmen.  (See Photos)
Fri., Sept 30 - HC PEP RALLY - Leaders Crews and Madole hosted the 
                       school in many an antic for this one, beginning outside with 
                       Murchison's devastating blow upon the pumpkin that was 
                       St. Stephen's. This followed by a procession into the gym 
                       where Senior Court Hoang dominated in the Karate Chop 
                       competition, splintering in half a 1x4 board with his bare 
Fri, Sept. 30 - Post Game Party - Hosted by the Payne's.  The hot dog 
                       man helped satisfy the hunger as the beautiful evening 
                       satisfied the soul.  The FISH and their dates particularly 
                       enjoyed the volleyball and hoops.
Sat., Oct. 1 - HOMECOMING Dance 2005 - Pirates - Details can be 
                     found below.  (See Photos)
Fri., Oct. 21 - Sophomore Dance -  Sophomore representatives
                    Newcomb and Spence with the support of their class and
                    Form Master have brilliantly hosted this years Sophomore
                    after-game dance, "Toga in the Jungle."  Spending the
                    afternoon transforming the cafeteria, the result was as
                    impressive as the speed with which it all came together. 
                    Certainly, the highlight of the evening was the live music
                    performed by the students themselves.  Thanks for all our
                    dedicated chaperones.  (See Photos)
Fri., Oct. 28- Final Post Game Party -  The Madole's have generously
                    hosted the final post game party of the football season, inviting 
                    students into their home to celebrate Cistercian's dramatic 
                    comeback victory over Houston Episcopal.  Emptying the 
                    living room furniture, students and their guests were treated to 
                    a dance floor complete with disco ball, to an outside fireplace 
                    on a cool fall evening, and some specially seasoned 
                    hamburgers to allay any hunger.  Thanks for all those who
                    helped chaperone.

Spring Activities
PROM 2006 - April 21
Location:  Sky Lobby of the Dallas Petroleum Club (40th Floor)
                                      (building with the hole in it)
Time:  7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Theme:  "A Party in the Sky......Lobby"
Tickets on Sale:
              Seniors (before 3/31) $30 (after 3/31) $35
              Juniors (before 3/31) $40 (after 3/31) $50
                   * Parking complementary

Pictures (courtesy of Mr. Reisch):
               Package A - $40 (2 8x10, 2 5x7, 2 4x5, 4 wallet size free)
               Package B - $30 (2 5x7, 2 4x5, 4 wallet size free)
                   *Photo retouching available add. $10 per package
               Senior Class 8x10 group photo - $12.50
               (Payment due at same time as for your Prom tickets) 

Homecoming Announcements:
Hard to believe Homecoming is not behind us. Hope your sons and their dates had a wonderful time on Treasure Island this year. Sam, the Grahams, Chris, and their sponsor want to thank you all for being so creative and diligent in helping the students make the weekend such a success. It would not have been possible without everyone's assistance. Below are a few follow-up items:

Homecoming Photos - As announced earlier, photos of each couple attending this year's Homecoming Dance, along with the traditional "senior class photo," and a few candid shots can be viewed and/or purchased by going on-line. To do so, simply Google "Craig Smith Photography." Enjoy! Also, below you will find additional photos of the decorations and dance.

Homecoming Program - Thanks to all those who were able to advertise in the Homecoming program. Hope you have received at least one copy during the game. If not, please let us know as we do have some on hand. Any pictures, compact disks, etc. that may have been submitted for an advertisement has been given to your son yesterday, Thursday, Oct. 6, with instructions to be brought home. If it has yet to make it home, please check with him. If a problem remains, please check with Senior Jere Thompson.

Homecoming Clean-up - Thanks to the Junior Class, Jan Hinckley, and all the dedicated Junior parents for coming out in such numbers and working so hard to dismantle Treasure Island. What took three days to construct, took only 3.5 hours to take down because of your help. Thanks also Mr. Radu and all those dads who came up to dismantle the ceiling.

Recovery of Borrowed Tools/Items - Remaining tools, extension chords, and various other borrowed supplies are all currently being stored on top of three tables on the stage of the old gym. Please contact Mel @ ext 5408 to set up a time to pick up your items or please arrange for your son to bring them home by the end of next week. Thanks again for being so generous in letting us use these items!!! We want to be sure they get back to you!

Homecoming Expenses - Student Government wants to reimburse you who have so generously purchased/rented items for the Homecoming Dance. Many of you out of kindness and generosity are reluctant to ask for re-imbursement, but please pass your receipts on to Mrs. Carolyn Thompson, Parents Club chairperson for Homecoming, who will then forward them to Sam and the guys!!!

Finally, one more big thank you to you all. As Gabi Ferenczi announced so eloquently during the half-time show, from programs to mums, from pre-dance dinners to post-dance clean-up, from pirate ships and caves to treasure island trees and waterfalls, the Cistercian Parents Club has been so generous, so creative, so patient, and so very enthusiastic!  A special note of gratitude is extended to this year’s Parent’s Club chairpersons Mrs. Carolyn Thompson and Mrs. Brenda Welch, ….and to Mrs. Cathy Morgan and Mrs. Nancy Klinke for all their months of planning, prompting, and tireless labor. And to our Mum Mom coordinator, Mrs. Lesa Matocha, Wow!! Job well done.

Well, the old gym is back to normal. Until next year…...