Theology – Form V

Bible Vocabulary

Assigned Words by Week

Jan. 11         Fisherman's Ring, Fortitude, Four Last Things, Franciscans, Frankincense, Freedom of Conscience,
                          Freedom of Thought, Fruits of the Spirit, Gaudete Sunday, Gehenna, General Absolution, General,
                          Confession, Genuflection, Gethsemane, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary
Jan. 18          Godparents, Good Friday, Grace at Meals, Sacramental Grace, State of Grace, Gradual Psalms, Holy
                          Grail, Gregorian Chant, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Guardian Angels, Habit, Halloween, Halo, Heart of
                          Jesus, Heaven

Jan.  25         Hell, Heresy, Hierarchy, Holy Days of Obligation (List 6 in US), Holy Hour, Holy Oils, Holy Saturday,
  Fruits of Holy Spirit, Gifts of Holy Spirit, Holy Thursday, Holy Water, Holy Week, Holy Year,
                          Hosannah, Host 
Feb. 1          Humanae, Vitae, Hypostatic Union, Icon, Immaculate Conception, Imprimatur, Incarnation, Incense,
                          Incest, Indissolubility of Marriage, Indulgences, Infallibility, Infidel, Infinity of God, Infused Virtues,

Feb. 8             INRI, Invitro Fertilization, Isaac, Isaiah, Israel, Jehovah, Jeremiah, Jerusalem, Jesuits, Jesus Prayer,
                           Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, Justification, King James Version, Laetare Sunday, Sanctuary Lamp
Feb. 22          Lateran Treaty, Latin, Lauds, Layperson, Lazarus, Lectionary, Papal Legate, Lent, Limbo, Litany,
                            Liturgy of the Hours, Our Lady of Lourdes, Luke, Madonna, Magi
Mar. 1          The Magnificat, Major Orders, Mandatum, Mark, Marks of the Church, Martyrology, Mary Magdalene,
                            Seven Sorrows of Mary, Mass, Mass Participation, Master of Novices, Matins, Matrimony,
                            Matthew, Miraculous Medal
Mar. 8            Melchizedek, The Memorare, Menidicants, Merit, Messiah, Ministers of the Sacraments, Minor
                            Orders, Missal, Modernism, Monastery, Monk, Monophysitism, Monotheism, Monsignor,
(Mid-term/Spring Break)
Mar. 22             Mortal Sin, Mortification, Moses, Liturgical Music, Mystical Body, Holy Nails, Nativity, Natural Law,
                            Natural Theology, Nazareth, Nehemiah, Nicene Creed, Nimbus, Notre Dame, Novena
Mar. 29        
Novice, Decree of Nullity, Nun, Nuncio, Oath, Obedience, Oblates, Oblation, Obsession, Octave,
                           Occasion of Sin, Offertory, Ombrellino, Oil of Catechumens, Oil of Chrism
Apr. 12           Oil of the Sick/Infirm, Orant, Oratory, Ordinary, Ordination, Original Sin, Orthodox Church, Palestine,
                            Pall, Pallium, Palms, Papal Letters (be able to distinguish), Papal States, Parable, Paraclete

Apr. 19            
Paschal Candle, Passion Play, Passionists, Pastor, Paten, Patriarchate, Patron Saints, St. Paul, Pax,
                            Pectoral Cross, Sacrament of Penance, People of God, Pentateuch, Perpetual Adoration
Apr. 26            St. Peter, Peter's Pence, Pharisees, Philip, Philip the Evangelist, Philemon, Pieta, Pontius Pilate,
                            Pilgrimage, Plenary Council, Pontiff, Pope, Postcommunion, Prayer of the Faithful, Mental prayer
May 3            Precepts of the Church, Precious Blood, Predestination, Prefect Apostolic, Prelate, Presence of God,
                            Presentation, Priest/Priesthood, Primacy of Peter, Procession, Processional Cross, Profession of
                            Faith, Proper of the Mass, Prophecy/Prophets
May 10            Protocanonical Books, Purgatory, Purification of the Virgin Mary, Purificator, Pyx, Quadragesimo
                            Anno, Real Presence (5 modes), Age of Reason, Day of Recollection, Redeemer/Redemption,
                            Redemptorists, Reformation, Regina Coeli, Relics, Renunciation,
May 17              Reparation, Requiem, Rerum Novarum, Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, Restitution,
                            Resurrection of Christ, Resurrection of the Body, Revelation, Revenge, Rigorism, Rite, RCIA,
                            Rome, Rood, Rosary