New Testament
Spring 2002


Required Texts/Materials:

 Major Themes of the Course:
I. Beginning of Jesus’ Life and Ministry
     The Infancy Narratives
     Jesus’ Baptism
The Calling of the First Disciples   
     Exam 1 – Week of Jan. 23-25

II.     The Preaching of Jesus I:  Parables of the Kingdom
   A study of Jesus’ use of parables in his ministry   and an   
        analysis of several key parables regarding the Kingdom 
        of God.

     Parable Project (Further information will be distributed in 
        the course of the semester.
        Exam 2 – Week of Feb. 13-15

III.    The Preaching of Jesus II:  Moral Teaching of Jesus
   A study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5)
      Fifth Commandment
      Sixth Commandment
      Contemporary Problems/Applications

Exam 3 – Week of Mar. 6- 8

IV.  Passion and Death of Jesus
  A study of Jesus’ use of the Last Supper
    The Arrest/Trial
    The Crucifixion/Burial

Exam 4 – Week of Mar. 27-29

V.     Confirmation Preparation
  A review of Faith and Prayer
      Sacraments and Baptism
      Confirmation and its Spiritual Effects
      Rite of Confirmation

   Exam 5 – Week of April 24-26

VI.  The Resurrection of Christ
  A study of Jesus’ Empty Tomb
     Resurrection Appearances
     Apostolic Witnessing
     Credibility of the Apostolic Witness

Exam 6 – Week of May 15-17

Review for Semester Exam

Independent Bible Reading
As in the Fall Semester, students are expected to complement material discussed in class through independent biblical reading.  Through the course of the Spring Semester students should read excerpts from the Acts of the Apostles on a weekly basis.  Students will be quizzed on the assigned chapter(s) each Thursday.

60%        Average of six chapter exams, 1 semester             
                exam, and Parable Project (semester exam and 
                Project will be weighed as two chapter exams)

30%       Average of daily quizzes/homework               
                (homework includes a weekly reading of the Acts of 
                the Apostles)
10%       Class Participation

The Bible remains the primary source for the course this semester with the textbook and class discussions as means to better understand the New Testament itself.  Students will be held responsible for material treated by the textbook as well as information treated in class discussion.  Personal reflection and independent study of the New Testament with classmates and family is an aim of the course.

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