An Independent Reading of the
Gospel of St. Mark

Date                 Assigned Reading
. 29             Mark 1:  Baptism of Jesus; Start of Public Ministry

Sept. 5             Mark 2:  Healing of Paralytic; Call of Levi

Sept 12           Mark 3:  The Identity of the Twelve; Opposition of Scribes

Sept. 19           Mark 4:  Parable of the Sower, Calming of the Storm

Sept. 26          Mark 5:  Three Miracle Accounts

Oct. 3               Mark 6:  Mission of the Twelve; First Miracle of the Loaves

Oct. 10             Mark 7:  Jesus Responds to the Pharisees/Scribes

Oct. 17             Mark 8:  Second Miracle of the Loaves; Peter's Confession
Oct. 24             Mark 9:  Transfiguration; Boy with a Demon

Oct. 31              Mark 10:  Marriage/Divorce; Rich Man; Blind Bartimaeus

Nov. 7              Mark 11:  Entry to Jerusalem; Cleansing of the Temple

Nov. 14            Mark 12:  Parable of the Tenants; Greatest Commandment

Nov. 28            Mark 13:  Jesus speaks of the Parousia

Dec. 5              Mark 14:  Lord's Supper; Agony in the Garden; First Trial

Dec. 12            Mark 15-16:  Crucifixion; Resurrection; Ascension of Jesus

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