An Independent Reading of the
St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians

Date                 Assigned Reading
1              Chapter 1:  Paradox of the Cross

Sept. 8               Chapter 2:  True Wisdom

Sept. 15              Chapter 3:  Role of God's Ministers

Sept. 22              Chapter 4:  Paul's Life as a Pattern

Sept. 29              Chapter 5-6:  Moral Disorders

Oct. 6                 Chapter 7:  Advice to Married, Virgins, and Widows
Oct. 20                Chapter 8-9:  Offerings to Idols/Paul's Rights as an Apostle
Oct. 27             
 Chapter 10:  Seeking the Good of Others 

Nov. 10               Chapter 11:  Problems in the Liturgical Assembly

Nov. 17              Chapter 12-13:  Spiritual Gifts; The Way of Love

Dec. 1                Chapter 14:  Function of the Spiritual Gifts

Dec. 8             
  Chapter 15-16:  The Resurrection; Conclusion

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