Latin III
Spring 2000

The Later Roman Empire (ca. 400AD)

Territorial Assignments
Praetorian Prefecture of the Orient (East)             Andrew Krispinsky
Diocese of Pontica (Asia Minor)                             Andrew Bellay
   City of Byzantium                                                Al Hernandez
City of Nicomedia                                              Connor Safford

Diocese of Asiana (Asia Minor)

    City of Ephesus                                                   Matthew Brnicky
Provinces of Galatia et Cappadocia                       Matthew Hess
   City of Pergamum                                                Mason Reeves
Island of Cyprus                                                      Dylan Starrs
Province of Armenia                                               Alex McCann
Province of Judea                                                   Sean Moroney
City of Hierosolyma
Province of Mesopotamia                                       Eric Welch
   City of Babylonia
Provinces of Syria-Cilicia                                        Sam Maclin
    City of Antiochia                                             

Province of
Arabia/Nabotea                                   Justin Ramirez

Praetorian Prefecture of Gaul                                Colin Leatherbury Province of the Alpes                                             Daniel Mitura
    City of Mediolanum
Diocese of Britania
City of Camulodunum                                         Martin Bourqui
   City of Eborcum                                                  Josh Hughes
City of Londinuim                                               Nick Christensen
Diocese of Hispaniae
Province of
Baetica (Further Spain)                        Jack Dorn
City of Corduba                                                  
Province of Lusitania                                              Paul Langdale
     City of August Emerita      
Province of
Tarraconensis (Nearer Spain)               Andres Ruzo
     City of Tarraco                                    

Diocese of Galliae
Province of Aquitania                                               Michael Abola
Province of Belgica                                                  Matt Chee-Awai 
Province of Lugdunensis
                                         Trey Mohr
Diocese of Viennensis
Province of Narbonensis                                           Jeff Sakowski  
Diocese of Pannoniae
Province of Dalmatia                                                Alex Judge
Province of Pannonia                                               Tony Listi     ______________________
Praetorian Prefecture of Italy and Africa                   Patrick Lyons
Diocese of Aegyptus/Oriens                                Prasanth Pattisappu
City of Alexandria                                              Bill Yanelli
Province of Cyrenaica                                                Dary Stone
        City of Cyrene

Diocese of Italia           
City of Beneventum                                            Mark McCain
City of Herculaneum                                           Thomas Cook
        City of Ostia                                                         David Day

        City of Pompeii                                                   Brad Meck

        City of Puteoli                                                     Arthur Yang
Diocese of Suburbicaria

Island of
Sicilia                                                        Chris Bloodgood

City of Syracusae
Province of Sardinia/Corsica                                    Pete Dale
Diocese of Africa
     Numidia                                                            Tony Johnston
City of Carthago                                            Eric Ojeda
Praetorian Prefecture of Illyricum                            Jimmy Phillips
Diocese of Thracia
Province of Dacia/Rumania                                      Peter Radu
Diocese of Moesiae
Province of Macedonia                                             Scott Novak
       City of Thessalonica                                           Peter Koutso

The Island of Crete                                                    Robbie Earle
Province of Achaea                                                   Kevin Eaton
       City of Corinth
                                                    Michael Durham

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