Form III – Latin
Spring 2002

Course Syllabus


Course Goals:
The course will strive to continue developing a basic knowledge of Latin grammar, Latin & English vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.  Students should also grow in greater understanding and appreciation of the history, culture and values of Ancient Rome from the period of the monarchy through the fall of the republic.

Course Methods:
Quizzes will be given at the beginning of each class.  Homework should be completed as it is assigned and kept together with class notes in a 3 ring binder.  Homework will be checked and exams administered at the end of each chapter.  There will be a semester project assigned requiring further research/study on the city of Ancient Rome.  More information on this project will be distributed in the course of the year.

50%        Average of chapter exams/semester project
40%        Average of quizzes/homework
10%        Class participation

Material to be Covered:
Jan. 7   General Review

Jan. 11   Chapter 19
                Nouns: Locative Case, Expressions of place
                Verbs: Perfect stems with a lengthening of
                                the vowel
                          Pluperfect Tense
                Roman Life & Culture:City of Ancient Rome
                Exam Chapter 19

Jan. 23   Chapter 20
                Nouns: 4th and 5th Declensions
                Verbs: Perfect stems with reduplication
                Roman Life & Culture:  Ancient Roman              
                                                        Perspectives on Greece
                Exam Chapter 20

Feb. 5   Chapter 21
                Nouns: Review 5th Declension
                Verbs: Perfect Stem with –vi/ivi or –ui
                Roman Life & Culture:  Cicero & the Civil 
                                                       War of 48 BC

Feb. 20   Chapter 22
                Nouns: Review 5th Declension
                             Uses of the Ablative Case
                Verbs:  Perfect Stem with –vi/ivi or –u
                Roman Life & Culture:  Roman Games/Arts
                Exam Chapter 21 & 22

Mar. 1   Chapter 23
               Nouns: Additional Uses of the Ablative Case
               Verbs: The Irregular Verb – ferro, ferre, tuli
                Roman Life & Culture: A Daily Routine in
                                                    Ancient Rome
                Exam Chapter 23

Mar. 27  Chapter 24
               Nouns/Adjectives: Comparative/             
                                         Superlative of Adjective
               Verbs:  Future Tense
               Roman Life & Culture: The Roman Triumphs
Exam Chapter 24

Apr. 17  Chapter 25
                Nouns/Adjectives:  Irregular superlative
                Verbs: Future Perfect Tense
                Roman Life & Culture:  A Roman Youth’s
                                             Passage into Adulthood
                Exam Chapter 25

May 1    Chapter 26
                Verbs: Present Participle
                Roman Life & Culture:  End of the Republic
Exam Chapter 26

May 17   Semester Review

May 24   Semester Exam

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