Latin III
Spring Project 2000

The Later Roman Empire (ca. 400AD)

Cover Page
     - Title
        -  Name of Territory (in Latin and in English, if 
        -  Name, course, teacher, date

Map/Photo/drawing of your territory

Chronology Page 
(Major Events from the founding of Rome to 400 AD)

  Table of Contents Page

  Page 1:  Introduction
       -  Identify territory assigned to you.
          -  What most interesting about it?
          -   What was most surprising to learn?
          -  Explain how you first want to survey the 
                transformation of the city of Rome into the 
                Empire of 400 AD .

  Page 2:  Territorial Growth of the Empire
   -  Did Rome initially seek world domination?
        -   What motivated their early Expansion on the 
        -  What motivated their expansion beyond Italy?
        -  What periods/leaders most contributed to this         
        -  What were limiting factors on Roman expansion? 
                (internal/external enemies)

  Page 3:  Roman Military
         -  What role did the military play in early Roman 
        -   Who fought in the Roman armies?
        -  Who was in charge of the army?  To whom was the 
                army primarily responsible?
        -  Did the army have a say in choosing the political       
                leaders of the Empire?
        -  What was the organization (the various 
                ranks/divisions) of the army?

Page 4:  Roman Administration and Governance
        -  How did Roman govern such a vast territory?
        -  What were the four Roman prefectures? Who 
                introduced them?
        -  What were the 13 Roman dioceses?  Who were in 
        -  How does the modern map of Europe/Asia 
                resemble these early divisions?
        -  Does the Roman Emperor always reside in Rome?  
        -  Is Rome always the capital of the Empire?
        -  How does the government pay for armies/ 
                bureaucracy/etc?  (Tax system/collection)

Page 5: Roman Transportation/Trade
     -  How did trade/commerce motivate growth?
        -  Describe the system of roads and the role they 
                played in maintaining order and uniting the 
        -  What were the primary trade routes? and the benefits 
                for the empire?
        -  What role did water transportation play?
        -  What goods came to Rome from the various 

  Page 6-9:  Your Territory (Prefecture, Diocese, 
                     Province, or City)
     -  Where is your territory located?
        -  What prefecture? What diocese? What province?
        -  When did your territory become integrated into the 
                Empire?  How?
        -  What was the history of the territory before the 
                Romans took over?
                *  peoples who lived here? etc.
                *  major accomplishments/achievements before 
                    Roman occupation
        -  Relative importance (military/political) of your 
                territory for the rest of the Empire.
        -  Economy of your territory
                *  wealthy/poor in comparison with the other parts 
                    of the Empire? Why?
types of agriculture, trade, mining, people
                *  major trading partners
                *  Religion of you territory?
                        - Greco-Roman
                        - Local cults/rites
                *  Local enemies/threats
                        - Located on the frontier?
                        - On-going threats?
                *  Interesting facts about your territory
major Roman/historical figures
                        - poets/authors/artists from your region
                        - major battles fought
                *  Interesting buildings/structures (any still 
                        standing today?)

  Page10:  Conclusion
     -  Modern/contemporary perspectives of your 
        -  Talk about experiences learned in trying to 
                compose this report.
Areas of further research possible/that would be        
        -  Etc.

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