Latin III
Spring Project 2002

Rebuilding the Ancient City of Rome (ca. 400AD)

Project Outline: 

Cover Page
    -         Title
    -         Photo/drawing of your building
    -         Name, course, teacher, date

Map of the City of Ancient Rome

Table of Contents

Page 1:  Introduction
    -         Identify the building assigned to you.
    -         What is most interesting about it?
    -         What was most surprising to learn?
    -         Explain the outline of your paper:
    -         The Role/Importance of the Roman Forum
    -         Roman Architecture/Building in general
    -         The Building assigned

New Page:  The Roman Forum
    -         Why did the tribe move down from the Palatine Hill into the area of the Forum?
    -         What was this area like before the Forum was built?  How was it made habitable?
    -         Did the Forum develop quickly or slowly over much time?
    -         What was the importance of this area for the developed city-state? (center of the
            civic, religious and economic life of Rome)
    -         What buildings of government were headquartered in the Roman Forum?
    -         What major events took place in the Forum?
    -         What were some of the other most important buildings of the Forum?  Be sure to
            include mention of the following:
            -         The Rostra
            -          “Umbilicus Urbis” (the navel of Rome)
            -         Golden Milestone
            -         Major Arches
            -         Equestrian statue of Domitian
            -         Via Nova
            -         Major Temples 

New Page:  Roman Architecture
    -         What societies most influenced Roman architecture? In what ways? (Include mention of the Etruscan and Greek influences)
    -         What are the key characteristics of Roman architecture? (arches, concrete, etc.)
    -         Describe Roman craftsmen/engineers.  How trained?  Slaves or freemen?
    -         How did the climate/amt. of precipitation influence Roman design/materials?
    -         What tools often employed? (e.g. cranes, pulleys, ropes, slaves, etc.)
    -         In what kind of housing did most citizens live?  The nobiles?
    -         Did most Roman buildings look alike or vary greatly?  Were Romans interested at
            all in appearance or only function?
    -         Who funded the construction of public buildings?
    -         Were there any spectacular feats of engineering/construction accomplished in the
            city?  List a few examples.
    -         Did most buildings have plumbing? Heating?  

New Page: The Building/Monument/Structure Assigned
    -         Identify the building you have been assigned?
    -         Where in the city is it located?
    -         When built? By whom? What period, Republic or Imperial?
    -         Any key architectural elements employed?  Similar to many other buildings or

New Page:  Function of the Building/Monument
(Note:  At this point the papers will vary considerably depending on the structure assigned.  Speak with me to clarify what kind of information would be needed/helpful.)
    -         For what was this structure built/used?
            -         If assigned a temple, discuss
            -         Roman worship in general
            -         The god to whom the temple is dedicated
            -         If emperor, discuss emperor worship
            -         Etc.
     -         If a theater, describe
            -         Nature/history of Roman plays, characters, costumes, etc.
            -         Who attended?  Who acted?
            -         Any religious characteristics?
            -         Etc.
    -  If an armory, describe
            -         Life in the Roman army
            -         Uniforms, Ranks, Responsibilities.
            -         How function in battle?  Arms?
            -         Role in government? Choosing emperors?
            -         Etc.
    -         If a coliseum/gladiatorial school, describe
            -         Different types of gladiators.
            -         Who fought?  Why?  Pay?
            -         Any religious characteristics?
            -         Etc.
    -  If a market/warehouse/shipping, describe
            -         Roman trade:  import and export
            -         Roman system of money.
            -         Etc.
    -         If a monument/arch/bridge, describe
            -         Purpose.  Event commemorated.
            -         Images depicted.
            -         Any architectural characteristics?
            -         How well preserved?
            -         Etc.

New Page:  Conclusion
    -         Talk about experiences learned in trying to compose this report.
    -         Is your building still standing?  Would you like to visit it some day?
    -         Areas of further research possible/that would be interesting.
    -         Etc.

 Bibliography Page
        -         Cite all sources used/consulted
        -         Include footnotes for photos as well as texts employed

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