Victor Chiroy Quisquina
Home:     Hermano Pedro, Guatemala
Age:        8 years old
Parents:  Santos Chiroy Tuy, father
              Juana Quisquina, mother

Brothers and Sisters:

Languages Spoken:  Spanish
Favorite Sport:           Soccer

Housing:  No running water
                   No electricity
                   No latrine
                   Firewood stove
                   Wooden bed/mats

Approximate monthly family income: 

Benefits received from sponsorship:
                  Christian Formation
                  Medical Attention
                  Dental Attention

Christmas Greetings 1999 from Victor:

        "La Navidad es cuando los hombres vuelven a ser hermonas y amigos porque es el nacimiento de nuestro creador para volver a reinar los corazones como nuestros corazones porque tu y yo seimpre seremos amigos."
                                                  Con amor,

                                           Victor Chiroy Quisquina
                                       Escrito por Christina Saloj
                                          Estudiante voluntaria


    "Christmas is when men become brothers and friends because it is the birth of our Creator who comes to prevail in all hearts and in our hearts, because you and I will be friends always."

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