Basics of Catholic Faith:
Theology - Form V

Fall 2006

Required Texts/Material:
    The Basics of Catholic Faith, D. Farkasfalvy & R. Kereszty
    The Holy Bible
    Notebook (spiral, binder or folder)

Material to be Covered:
General Introduction

The Human Quest to Know God:  Approach of History
        (approx. 3 classes)
        Exam I

The Human Quest to Know God:  Approach of Philosophy
        (approx. 5 classes)
        Exam II

The Concept of Revelation
        (approx. 3 classes)
The Role of the Bible in the Church
        (approx. 4 classes)
The God of Revelation: The Mystery of the Trinity
        (approx. 4 classes)
        Exam III

Creation and Fall of mankind
        (approx. 4 classes)
        Exam IV

Mankind's Need for Redemption:
        original and personal sin
        (approx. 6 classes)
        Exam V

Semester Review

Final Exam - 

GradingThe average of quizzes and homework will count for 30%, the average of exams for 60 %, and the class participation 10%.  The final exam will count as two regular tests grades.

Independent Study/Reading:
Biblical Vocabulary

To compliment much that will be discussed in systematic theology and also to help expand the general breadth of their Catholic knowledge, each student will be assigned 15 vocabulary from the back of their New American Bible to memorized each week.  On the quiz beginning each Thursday class, students should expect at least two or three questions pertaining to class discussion/homework, as well as 10 of the 15 assigned biblical vocabulary.  Assigned vocabulary will be posted in each classroom and on this website.

Lives of the Saints:
To illustrate how the Christian Faith can be and has been lived both in ancient and modern times, students will be given packets each week to read pertaining to the life of various saints/holy persons.  Where possible, the packet will also contain excerpts of the saint's own writing.  Students will be given about a week to read the packet, and will be quizzed over their reading at the beginning of each Friday class.  A semester schedule of assigned readings of particular saints will be distributed in the first week of classes and will be posted on this website.

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