Athletics Schedules

Date Time Event
Fri 8/18/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football Scrimmage @ TCA
Fri 8/25/20176:00 p.m.Varsity Football Scrimmage vs POP
Fri 9/1/20177:30 p.m.Varsity Football vs Colleyville Covenant
Fri 9/8/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football @ The Woodlands John Cooper
Fri 9/15/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football @ TVS
Fri 9/22/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football vs Oakridge
Thu 9/28/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football @ FWCD
Fri 10/6/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football vs Casady
Fri 10/13/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football Game versus Tyler Grace
Fri 10/13/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football vs Midland Trinity Christian
Fri 10/20/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football vs St Andrews
Fri 10/27/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football vs Greenhill
Fri 11/3/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Football @ Pflugerville Weiss HS
Date Time Event
Fri 8/18/20175:30 p.m.JV Football Scrimmage @ TCA
Fri 8/25/20176:00 p.m.JV Football Scrimmage vs POP
Thu 8/31/20176:00 p.m.JV Football vs Dallas Christian
Thu 9/7/20176:00 p.m.JV Football vs FWC
Thu 9/14/20175:30 p.m.JV Football vs TVS
Thu 9/21/20175:30 p.m.JV Football @ Oakridge
Thu 9/21/20175:30 p.m.JV Football vs John Paul II
Wed 9/27/20175:30 p.m.JV Football vs FWCD
Thu 10/5/20175:30 p.m.JV Football vs St Marks
Thu 10/12/20176:00 p.m.JV Football vs Grapevine Faiith
Thu 10/19/20175:30 p.m.JV Football @ ESD
Thu 10/26/20175:30 p.m.JV Football @ Greenhill
Thu 11/2/20176:00 p.m.JV Football vs Grace Prep

No events are scheduled at this time.

Date Time Event
Date Time Event
Thu 11/16/2017TBDCistercian Tip Off Classic
Fri 11/17/2017TBDCistercian Tip Off Classic
Sat 11/18/2017TBDCistercian Tip Off Classic
Tue 11/21/20176:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs John Paul II
Tue 11/28/20177:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Parish
Thu 11/30/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Trinity Valley Tournament
Fri 12/1/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Trinity Valley Tournament
Sat 12/2/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Trinity Valley Tournament
Tue 12/5/20177:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs Sunset
Fri 12/8/20177:00 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs Dallas Thunder
Tue 12/19/20176:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Lutheran
Thu 12/28/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Prince of Peace Tournament
Fri 12/29/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Prince of Peace Tournament
Sat 12/30/2017TBDVarsity Basketball @ Prince of Peace Tournament
Fri 1/5/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ FW Christian
Mon 1/8/20181:00 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs TBA
Tue 1/9/20186:00 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Oakridge
Fri 1/12/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Trinity Valley
Wed 1/17/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs FWCD
Fri 1/19/20187:00 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs THESA
Tue 1/23/20187:00 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs Greenhill
Fri 1/26/20186:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs CHANT
Tue 1/30/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs DASCHE
Fri 2/2/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs ESD
Tue 2/6/20187:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs St. Marks
Fri 2/9/20186:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Casady
Tue 2/13/20185:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball vs TACA Storm
Thu 2/15/2018TBDVarsity Basketball and Soccer @ SPC Houston
Fri 2/16/2018TBDVarsity Basketball and Soccer @ SPC Houston
Sat 2/17/2018TBDVarsity Basketball and Soccer @ SPC Houston
Date Time Event
Fri 11/17/20174:15 p.m.8th White Basketball @ ESD
Mon 11/20/20174:30 p.m.8th White Basketball @ DASCHE
Wed 11/29/20175:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs St. Marks
Mon 12/4/20175:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs Coram Deo
Tue 1/9/20184:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs Prince of Peace
Tue 1/16/20185:30 p.m.8th White Basketball vs Parish
Mon 1/22/20184:30 p.m.8th White Basketball @ FM Coram Deo
Fri 1/26/20185:30 p.m.8th White Basketball vs St. Marks
Mon 1/29/20185:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs DASCHE
Fri 2/2/20185:00 p.m.8th White Basketball @ ESD
Tue 2/6/20186:00 p.m.8th White Basketball @ St. Marks
Thu 2/8/20186:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs TACA Storm
Date Time Event
Fri 11/17/20174:15 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball @ ESD
Mon 11/20/20175:30 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball @ DASCHE
Wed 11/29/20176:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs St. Marks
Fri 12/1/20174:30 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs TACA Storm
Tue 12/5/20174:30 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs Greenhill
Tue 1/9/20185:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs Prince of Peace
Fri 1/12/20184:30 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs Trinity Valley
Wed 1/17/20185:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball @ FWCD
Fri 1/26/20184:30 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs St. Marks
Mon 1/29/20186:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs DASCHE
Fri 2/2/20184:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball @ ESD
Tue 2/6/20185:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball @ St. Marks
Date Time Event
Fri 11/17/20174:15 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball @ ESD
Mon 11/20/20174:30 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball @ DASCHE
Wed 11/29/20175:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs St. Marks
Fri 12/8/20174:30 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball @ Trinity Valley
Tue 1/9/20184:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs Oakridge
Fri 1/19/20185:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs THESA
Tue 1/23/20184:30 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball @ Greenhill
Mon 1/29/20185:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs DASCHE
Tue 2/6/20184:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball @ St. Marks
Thu 2/8/20185:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs TACA Storm
Date Time Event
Thu 11/16/20174:15 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. The Highlands
Sat 11/18/201710:00 a.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Kinkaid
Mon 11/27/20174:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. HSAA
Tue 11/28/20174:15 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Dallas Lutheran
Fri 12/1/20175:30 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. All Saints
Tue 12/5/20176:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Grapevine Faith
Fri 12/8/20175:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Dallas Christian
Tue 1/9/20186:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer @ Oakridge
Fri 1/12/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer @ Trinity Valley
Wed 1/17/20184:30 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. FWCD
Tue 1/23/20186:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Greenhill
Fri 2/2/20186:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. ESD
Tue 2/6/20185:30 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Fri 2/9/20186:30 p.m.Varsity Soccer @ Casady
Date Time Event
Mon 11/20/20174:15 p.m.JV Soccer @ Oakridge
Thu 11/30/20174:00 p.m.JV Soccer vs. ESD
Fri 12/1/20174:00 p.m.JV Black Soccer vs. All Saints
Mon 12/4/20174:15 p.m.JV Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Tue 12/5/20174:30 p.m.JV Black Soccer vs. Grapevine Faith
Fri 12/8/20175:00 p.m.JV Soccer @ ESD
Fri 12/8/20175:15 p.m.JV Black Soccer @ All Saints
Thu 1/4/20184:00 p.m.JV Soccer @ St. Mark's
Tue 1/9/20184:30 p.m.JV Black Soccer @ Oakridge
Thu 1/11/20184:15 p.m.JV Soccer @ FWCD
Fri 1/12/20185:00 p.m.JV Black Soccer @ Trinity Valley
Thu 1/18/20185:00 p.m.JV Soccer vs. FWCD
Tue 1/23/20184:30 p.m.JV Soccer vs. Oakridge
Tue 1/23/20186:30 p.m.JV Black Soccer @ Greenhill
Thu 1/25/20185:00 p.m.JV Black Soccer vs. Grapevine Faith
Fri 1/26/20185:00 p.m.JV Soccer @ St. Mark's
Mon 1/29/20184:00 p.m.JV Soccer vs. HSAA
Thu 2/1/20183:45 p.m.JV Black Soccer vs. HSAA
Fri 2/2/20184:30 p.m.JV Soccer vs. ESD
Wed 2/7/20185:00 p.m.JV Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Date Time Event
Mon 11/27/20174:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. Covenant Christian
Fri 12/1/20174:15 p.m.8th Soccer @ All Saints
Tue 12/5/20174:00 p.m.8th Soccer vs. HSAA
Thu 12/7/20175:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. ESD
Fri 1/5/20185:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Fri 1/12/20184:00 p.m.8th Soccer vs. Trinity Valley
Tue 1/16/20184:45 p.m.8th Soccer @ FWCD
Fri 1/19/20184:15 p.m.8th Soccer @ The Highlands
Tue 1/23/20184:00 p.m.8th Soccer vs. Greenhill
Fri 1/26/20184:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Tue 1/30/20185:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. Oakridge
Fri 2/2/20184:15 p.m.8th Soccer @ ESD
Wed 2/7/20185:30 p.m.8th Soccer @ St. Mark's
Date Time Event
Fri 12/1/20174:00 p.m.7th Soccer vs. HSAA
Mon 12/4/20174:30 p.m.7th Soccer @ The Highlands
Thu 12/7/20174:15 p.m.7th Soccer vs. ESD
Fri 1/5/20184:00 p.m.7th Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Mon 1/8/20184:15 p.m.7th Soccer vs. Covenant Christian
Fri 1/12/20184:00 p.m.7th Soccer vs. Trinity Valley
Wed 1/17/20184:45 p.m.7th Soccer @ FWCD
Fri 1/19/20184:45 p.m.7th Soccer @ All Saints
Tue 1/23/20184:00 p.m.7th Soccer vs. Greenhill
Fri 1/26/20184:15 p.m.7th Soccer vs. St. Mark's
Tue 1/30/20184:15 p.m.7th Soccer vs. Oakridge
Fri 2/2/20184:15 p.m.7th Soccer @ ESD
Wed 2/7/20184:30 p.m.7th Soccer @ St. Mark's
Date Time Event
Wed 3/7/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball @ ESD
Wed 3/21/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Prospects
Fri 3/23/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Oakridge
Tue 3/27/20185:00 p.m.JV Baseball @ Trinity Valley
Thu 4/5/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Dallas Christian
Fri 4/6/20185:00 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Greenhill
Tue 4/10/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball @ Chant
Thu 4/12/20185:00 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Trinity Valley
Tue 4/17/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball @ St. Mark's
Fri 4/20/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Prince of Peace
Tue 4/24/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Bishop Lynch
Thu 4/26/20184:30 p.m.JV Baseball vs. Chant
Mon 4/30/20185:00 p.m.JV Baseball @. Greenhill
Date Time Event
Mon 3/5/20184:15 p.m.8th Baseball vs. Good Shepherd
Wed 3/7/20184:30 p.m.8th Baseball @ ESD
Mon 3/26/20185:00 p.m.8th Baseball vs. Trinity Valley
Wed 4/4/20185:30 p.m.8th Baseball vs. Oakridge
Wed 4/11/20184:30 p.m.8th Baseball vs. St. Mark's
Mon 4/23/20184:30 p.m.8th Baseball @ ESD
Thu 4/26/20185:00 p.m.8th Baseball @ Trinity Valley
Tue 5/1/20185:30 p.m.8th Baseball @ Oakridge
Date Time Event
Thu 3/1/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball vs. FWCD
Mon 3/5/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball @ Good Shepard
Wed 3/7/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball vs. St. Mark's
Thu 3/22/20185:00 p.m.7th Baseball @ Trinity Valley
Wed 4/4/20184:15 p.m.7th Baseball vs. Oakridge
Tue 4/10/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball @ ESD
Wed 4/11/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball @ St. Mark's
Mon 4/16/20185:00 p.m.7th Baseball vs. Trinity Valley
Mon 4/23/20184:30 p.m.7th Baseball vs. ESD
Tue 5/1/20184:00 p.m.7th Baseball @ Oakridge
Date Time Event
Mon 2/26/20183:15 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ Prestonwood
Wed 2/28/20184:30 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ Coppell
Tue 3/6/20184:15 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ FWCD
Thu 3/22/20184:30 p.m.Varsity Tennis vs All Saints
Fri 3/23/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ Oakridge
Tue 3/27/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis vs Trinity Valley
Tue 4/3/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis vs Country Day
Fri 4/6/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ Greenhill
Mon 4/9/20184:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ All Saints
Thu 4/12/20183:30 p.m.Varsity Tennis vs The Highlands
Tue 4/17/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis vs St Marks
Sat 4/21/201811:00 a.m.Varsity Tennis vs Casady
Fri 4/27/20185:00 p.m.Varsity Tennis @ ESD
Date Time Event
Tue 2/27/20184:00 p.m.MS Tennis vs Country Day
Thu 3/1/20184:00 p.m.MS Tennis vs ESD
Mon 3/5/20184:30 p.m.MS Tennis vs All Saints
Tue 3/20/20184:00 p.m.MS Tennis vs Trinity Valley
Wed 3/21/20184:00 p.m.MS Tennis vs St Marks
Tue 4/10/20184:00 p.m.MS Tennis vs Oakridge
Wed 4/11/20184:15 p.m.MS Tennis @ ESD
Fri 4/13/20184:45 p.m.MS Tennis @ All Saints
Wed 4/18/20184:15 p.m.MS Tennis @ St Marks
Fri 4/20/20184:30 p.m.MS Tennis @ Country Day
Tue 4/24/20184:30 p.m.MS Tennis @ Trinity Valley