Athletics Overview

At Cistercian the role of athletics is to serve the mission of The School. Physical Education and Athletics form an important and necessary part of the Cistercian curriculum. Each student is encouraged to perform on the level of his own capability within the framework of the teams and in the pursuit of a common goal. In this manner, our boys come to understand teamwork and sportsmanship.

Through our coaching staff, players are inspired with a love for the game and a desire to win. Our staff teaches that it is better to lose than to win unfairly. We continuously strive to exemplify the mission of our school and the athletics department.

We demand our players to live clean and play hard out of respect and love for the game. Our athletes win without boasting and lose without excuses. We never quit! Because we take pride in representing Cistercian we always compete fairly and with respect for our opponents, fans, and officials.

Cistercian is a member of the Southwest Preparatory Conference and competes against other like-minded, college preparatory schools. As a conference we exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship and inter-school relations.

Next 10 Upcoming Games


Date Time Event
Mon 11/27/20174:00 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. HSAA
Mon 11/27/20174:15 p.m.8th Soccer vs. Covenant Christian
Tue 11/28/20174:15 p.m.Varsity Soccer vs. Dallas Lutheran
Tue 11/28/20174:30 p.m.JV White Basketball @ Parish
Tue 11/28/20176:00 p.m.JV Black Basketball @ Parish
Tue 11/28/20177:30 p.m.Varsity Basketball @ Parish
Wed 11/29/20175:00 p.m.7th WHITE Basketball vs St. Marks
Wed 11/29/20175:00 p.m.8th White Basketball vs St. Marks
Wed 11/29/20176:00 p.m.7th BLACK Basketball vs St. Marks
Wed 11/29/20176:00 p.m.8th Black Basketball vs St. Marks