Photo of Br. Matthew Hegemann

Br. Matthew Hegemann

Guest Master: Br. Matthew Hegemann was born in Texas in 1992. He attended the University of Dallas, graduating with a degree in history, a concentration in German (BA ’15), and then eventually also a master’s degree in theology (MTh ‘20). He entered the monastery in August, 2016 and made his first set of temporary vows on August 6, 2017. He renewed his temporary vows on August 16, 2020.

Br. Matthew is the oldest of three children and has two younger sisters. He grew up playing soccer, beginning at the age of 5, and continued to play throughout his life, including as a student-athlete at the University of Dallas. He has a great passion for soccer to this day and helps with the Prep school’s varsity team, joining the boys for practice and attending games whenever possible. When the time permits, he enjoys watching games and cheering on his favorite professional teams.

Br. Matthew first encountered religious life as a high school student when a group of Franciscans led a retreat called Youth 2000. It was not until his time at the University of Dallas though that he became attracted to the religious life, having encountered a few of his current confreres during his Rome semester. After teaching for one year at a local charter school in Irving, attending a number of retreats at the monastery, and listening to the encouragement of a spiritual director, Br. Matthew decided to enter Our Lady of Dallas.

As a novice and junior brother, Br. Matthew revived the chess program at Cistercian, though he had no real experience of the game before playing weekly games with Fr. Denis. He continues to run the school’s chess program, meeting with middle school students once a week after school. An avid fan now, he enjoys the lessons to be learned from chess, especially decision-making, risk taking, and strategic planning.

Along with his commitment to the chess program, Br. Matthew teaches religion in the school. As a junior monk, he appreciates the time for lectio divina,reading spiritual works by the saints, and the communal prayer and chant provided by the recitation of the Divine Office.

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