Summer Reading 2016-2017

19 May 2016

To: Parents of Cistercian Students
From: Gary M. Nied
Chairman, Department of English
Re: Summer Reading and Enrichment

Each form is given a Assigned Summer Reading, compliments of the English Department.  It may be the English teacher has had a chance to explain the assignment in person to the upcoming class, but if not, the details of all assignments can be found here on the Cistercian website.  The summer assignment is intended to encourage your sons to become readers, those who find pleasure and reward in reading good books independently.  The required reading assignment usually involves some writing activity or follow-up quiz as well, so be sure to read all instructions carefully, noting when written assignments are due.  Unless otherwise indicated, any published edition of the required texts should be sufficient. Note that unless otherwise stated teachers expect the students to have their copy of the book on hand for the beginning of the school year.

The Recommended Reading List.  This list reflects the personal reading experience and best judgment of the Cistercian faculty.  It contains both fiction and non-fiction books including works on religion, history, math, and science. The books are selected according to their stylistic merit, rich content, and age-appropriate content.  There are some real gems here and we encourage the students to give some of these works a try.

Summer is a great time to recharge the batteries and engage in refreshing, fun activities.  Encourage your sons to get outside, be physically active, and try new things.  In addition, it would be wonderful if they would spend some of their leisure time reading and perhaps even writing.  Submissions to our Cistercian Literary Competition are due in mid-January and before that there is the Inspirations contest sponsored by our award-winning literary journal Reflections.

In closing, I think I speak for all Cistercian faculty, when I say, we at Cistercian feel privileged to teach such talented students.  Their imagination, wit, and curiosity inspire us on a daily basis.  Let us continue to work together to foster thoughtful young men who seek discipline, wisdom, and the joy of the Lord.  May you all have a safe, restful, and enjoyable summer! 

Should you have any questions about the summer reading program, please call the school, 469-499-5400. The receptionist will put you in touch with your son's teacher or me.

Gary Nied
English Chair.

Required Reading

Recommended Reading