Bus Form

To ensure your son a place on the bus and to enable us to determine your transportation needs, please choose on the following form which bus stop will work best for you. You may “mix stops” or even “mix routes” to have your son picked up at one stop and dropped off at another. As always, if we see that a stop is not serving the needs of enough people, we may drop that stop to make the routes more efficient. If you are uncertain about your transportation needs at this time, fill out the form with an explanatory note. The bus stops will be finalized before August 15.

Be advised that the 2-way ride fee is $1,900 and the 1-way ride fee is $1,050 for the 2017-2018 school year. Payment for bus service will be added to the parent's FACTS tuition payment program account. An email notice will be sent when the account is updated to include the bus fees. At the end of the semester any student qualifying for a sport and therefore not riding the bus will receive a refund for the service he does not use.

Special note to parents of incoming Form V students: If your son has enrolled in a sport other than PE, he should not sign up for afternoon bus service. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Sklar at 469-499-5449 or csklar@cistercian.org.

Colleyville Bus

A group of Cistercian parents in the Colleyville/Southlake area established a private bus service that has run for nearly a decade. To receive information and be connected to this group, please email Mrs. Richard at the school.


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Green Bus Routes - PLEASE SELECT DESIRED STOP (see route map )


  • #1     7:20    University & Preston (Church of Christ)
  • #2     7:23    University & Hillcrest (Chase Bank)
  • #3     7:28    Hillcrest & Southwestern (SE Corner)
  • #4     7:35    Turtle Creek & Woodland (eastern side of Preston Hollow Park)
  • #5     7:43    Royal & Tibbs (NW Corner)
  • #6     7:51    Preston & Woodland
  • #7    8:07   114 Service Rd. & Tom Braniff (NW Corner, UD Dart Station)


  • #1     3:55    Northwest Hwy & Midway (Cochran Chapel parking)
  • #2     4:02    University & Inwood (Tom Thumb)
  • #3     4:06    University & Preston (Church of Christ)
  • #4     4:11    University & Hillcrest (Chase Bank)
  • #5     4:16    Hillcrest & Southwestern (SE Corner)
  • #6     4:20    Turtle Creek & Woodland (eastern side of Preston Hollow Park)
  • #7     4:30    Royal & Tibbs (NW Corner)
  • #8     4:37    Preston & Woodland



  • #1     7:05     Prince of Peace Catholic School in Plano (Plano Pkwy & Preston)
  • #2     7:45     Da Vinci School Parking Lot (Midway and Royal corner)
  • #3     7:50     Walnut Hill Recreation Center


  • #1     3:55     Midway & Lively
  • #2     3:58     Williamsburg & Ontario (behind St. Monica)
  • #3     4:08     Town North YMCA Parking lot
  • #4     4:20     St. Rita (Harvest Hill just west of the Tollway)
  • #5     4:45     Prince of Peace Catholic School in Plano (Plano Pkwy & Preston)
    No morning service.
    No afternoon service.


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