Advanced placement exams
General information

In mid-February, Mrs. Cook, AP Coordinator, will distribute AP Exam sign-up sheets to the Upper School form masters.  Teachers have been advised prior to this time to begin discussing AP exams with their students.  Students then fill out the form, checking which exams they wish to take.  This is all students have to do to register for the AP exams by filling out a sheet handed out during Form Master period; Mrs. Cook takes care of the rest.  Detailed information about the exams may be found at  AP Exam Schedule for 2017 may be found here.

A few days before spring break, an email is sent to all Upper School parents with information about which exams their sons are signed up for and what to expect.  At that time parents can choose to delete or add exams, or simply to leave as is.  Changes must be emailed to Mrs. Cook by March 21, 2017.

Exams are ordered at the very end of March.  If a student changes his mind about an exam before the order has been placed, that exam order is dropped and there is no fee.  If, however, the student changes his mind after the exams have been ordered, there is a $15.00 handling fee.

Exams for 2017 are $93.00 each.  The cost of the exams, as well as any handling fees, will be added to your FACTS account in May; thus, it is not necessary to send payment to the school at any other time.

Exams will take place the week of May 1 and the week of May 8, 2017.  Testing locations will be posted on bulletin boards near the students’ classrooms a week or so before the exams begin.

For any other questions, please contact Sally Cook or by phone at 469-499-5410.