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Cistercian Preparatory School
3660 Cistercian Road
Irving, Texas 75039-4599
Telephone: 469-499-5400
Fax: 469-499-5440
Athletics: 469-499-5405
Athletics Fax: 469-499-5450


Title Name Phone
Headmaster Fr. Paul McCormick 469-499-5402
Assistant to the Headmaster Lisa Richard 469-499-5402
Assistant Headmaster Gregory Novinski 469-499-5413
Head of Upper School Gregory Novinski 469-499-5413
Head of Middle School Fr. Paul McCormick 469-499-5402
Registrar Lisa Richard 469-499-5402
Business Manager MaryClare Milner 469-499-5433
Computer Network Manager Fr. Mark Ripperger 469-499-5430
Director of Technology Greg Graham 469-499-5419
Director of Athletics Andre Bruce 469-499-5405
Director of Admissions Jim Taylor 469-499-5453
Director of College Counseling Peter Saliga 469-499-5414
Director of Development Erin Hart 469-499-5406
Director of Facilities Tim Parker 469-499-5436
Director of Library Services Jacqulyn Dudasko 469-499-5410
Director of Maintenance Steve Schunk 469-499-5408
Director of Studies Christine Medaille 469-499-5424
Director of Summer Programs Michael Humphries 469-499-5421
Director of Transportation Craig Sklar 469-499-5449
School Nurse Kathy Nevitt 469-499-5400

Department Heads

Department Name Phone
English Gary Nied 469-499-5418
Foreign Language Lisa Hernandez 469-499-5439
Math Richard Newcomb 469-499-5432
Science Martina Kroll 469-499-5434
Social Studies Patrick Mehen 469-499-5416
Theology Fr. Ambrose Strong 469-499-5438
Fine Arts Roberto Munguia 469-499-5412
Athletics Andre Bruce 469-499-5405