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Saranne: We are so proud of you, Father. Go get 'em! S. G.

Bob: Father Bernard you are such an inspiration to us all - we appreciate your vim & vigor. I have donated ($1/yr. for your age; 50 cents for each year since the failed Hungarain Revolution; 25 cents for each of your yeas at the Cistercian Monastery).

Patty: We'll have the pasta ready! Paul, Patty, Michael, Sara, Luke and Sam Tomaso

Trish & Steve: Good luck Father Bernard! I am so proud of you. You are indeed an inspiration for us all!

George & Cathy: If you can take 35 teenage boys to Europe for 3 weeks, the boston marathon should be a piece of cake! Thanks for your dedication to the Seniors this year at Cistercian. Bless you, the Morgans

David: Good luck, Fr. Bernard! The Haleys

Nancy: Father Bernard - Have a great run -we're cheering for you! The Ericksons

Melinda: Under 5 hours - no sweat! Good luck!

Janice: Good luck Fr. Bernard! Janice Hoyt

Meg: Your example shows our boys that almost any goal can be accomplished with hard work and discipline. Will is blessed to have you as his Form Master. Good luck with the run! xoxo, Meg, Jay, Jack, Kate, and Will Squiers

Jennifer: I am right behind you, Marathon Monk!! Good Luck and God Speed!!Jennifer R.

Carol: Fr. Bernard, Happy trails! Gheorghe and Carol

Stephen: Steve and Ellen: Good luck, Father Bernard. You are an inspiration to us all.

Sally: Go get 'em, Fr. Bernard! We're rooting for you! Sally C.

Ann: Cistercian Form II boys and parents are proud of their Form Master, the Marathon Monk!

Alex: Good luck Fr. Bernard!!!

Gregory: Good Luck Father, we'll see you in Boston! The LaMothes

Frances: We are with you all the way! Thank you for being the positive influence you are to us all. Mike, Frances, Riley & Drew

Gloria: Good luck with the Marathon! Our thoughts will be with you as you run this race - what an inspiration! Gloria, George, Philip & Tory Tarpley

Jonathan: Festina Lente!

Jennifer: In Honor Of: Fr. Bernard Marton. In Memory Of:Fr. Henry Marton

Karen: "Be Steady and you will never fail" Hildegard of Bingen My prayers are with you... K. Irving,TX

The Wylie Family: Fr. Bernard: Congratulations and good luck! Run hard and long. If you need a break along the way, we recommend Friendly's or Ben and Jerry's for a little ice cream. God Speed. The Wylies

Michelle: Fr. Bernard - You are amazing! Run with the knowledge that we are all cheering you on. May the wind be always at your back! Michelle, Scott, & Bobby

Michael: Good luck and hope you have a good time. Michael Saad

Michael: Way to go, Fr. Bernard! Good luck and have FUN!! Mike, Carol, & J.T. Hunter

Jim: I couldn't outrun you in 1975 and I still can't. Jim Hartnett, Jr.

Evelyn: Fr. Bernard, You are a blessing and an inspiration to us all! Train extra hard so that we can enjoy Gundel again this summer- The Sandys (Kyle,Evelyn,Travis and Caroline)

Elise: Although it took the Hungarian Revolution to get you to Texas....we're certain your dedication and dicipline ( along with everyone praying ), will take you through the home stretch in Boston and honor your Cistercian family .Go get 'um , Fr. Bernard! Burk, Elise, Will, Clint,and Elise

Phyllis: You won't have to tell Fr. Henry about the marathon when you finish because he will be with you every step of the way. What an inspiration you are for all of us--especially for your boys. Have a blast, finish under 5. Blessings, Margaret

Dayton: Good luck Fr Bernard

David: Fr. Bernard, your determination and love for life inspires the entire Cistercian community.

Bonnie: I'm so impressed that you are taking on such a challenge! Am very proud of you, my "older" dear friend.

Alberto: Dear Fr. Bernard good luck in your race. Have a good Easter. We will be praying for you, and we are really proud of you. God Bless. The Martin's

Will: You're an inspiration! Will Hartnett

jay: Good Luck! Just out proving how young it is to be 65. Jay Hartnett

Kevin: Fr. B - Thanks for all you have done for the school, me, my classmates, all of the alumni and my son! We are grateful!!

The Gans Family: Keep a-goin'and best wishes.

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My goal: $12,000
$13,900 raised so far,   Congratulations!

Year 2006 shapes up as a monumental year for me! It will contain numerous anniversaries and milestones in my life. The first and most frightening for me is that I am turning 65! No, I am not about to retire; that possibility has not even crossed my mind. 2006 also commemorates the half-century anniversary of the 1956 failed Hungarian Revolution that drove me westward and brought me to Texas and US citizenship. It will also mark the beginning of my 45th year in the Cistercian Monastery, Our Lady of Dallas.

And speaking of milestones (or kilometer-stones to be more precise), let me be very literal: it will be 10 years that I have begun running, having traversed more than 10,000 kilometers; I am planning to finish my 15th marathon, the Grand-Daddy of them all, the 110th running of the Boston Marathon on April 17th. Although I could not qualify on my own (I am either too slow or not old enough yet), through some friendly channels I have obtained an entry number for this prestigious run.

For the grueling training I need incentives. Your response and generous contribution will motivate me and help me achieve my goals: 1) raise funds for a very worthy project, 2) memorialize the passing of my brother, Fr. Henry, to eternity, 3) get in shape for another marathon (incidentally to shed about 20 excess pounds!) 4) run the course in under 5 hours.

Please give me your support, wish me lucků

Your devoted Marathon Monk

Update: First of all, on January 30th I lost my dear brother, Fr. Henry Marton, O.Cist., who died in my arms. We buried him on February 7th. With his memory constanty on my mind I prepared for and ran the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, TX, on February 25. Thunder and lingthning, rain all the way through. Posted my worst finish time ever, but did manage to qualify for the T-Shirt that says "Cowtown Finisher." Good place to start improving from. - Just found out that due to flooding in the low lying areas the course had to be altered and unfortunately also lengthened by a quarter of a mile. It still may not be much of an excuse. All the more reason to train diligently for Boston.

After taking it easy for a a few days past Cowtown, I am back into the full swing of preparation. Usually log about 25 miles a week, except for this last one (we are on Spring Break) when I did about 35. Plan to do a couple of long ones around White Rock Lake - 20 miles or so. Should be ready for Boston. I am proudly wearing my "Cowtown Finisher" T-shirt.

Got my number: 20055. You can check on my progress while trying to finish on the 17th. This Saturday I will do my second and last intermdediate-long run, a 20 miler, twice around White Rock Lake in Dallas.

I did the "long run"--but it was tiresome: high humidity, rains springkling intermittently. Finished in under four hours, but with that pace I won't break the 5 hour limit. Perhaps race conditions and adrenaline will push me to go faster. Just a couple of weeks now! I don't want to get injured.

Bought a Garmin Forerunner 205. Pretty awesome gadget. It tracks everything. I really enjoy seeing the map of my runs, especially when a second lap is somewhat different from the first one.

The deed is done; finished. Not as well as I had hoped, but still crossed the finish line. While not all objectives met (specifically two: the under 5 hour bid and shedding the extra poundage; the two are intricately interrelated) the main purpose of raising funds and memorializing my brother, Fr. Henry, have been more than filled. Had a great time! Got lots of pictures to savor for the rest of my life. Thanks Accelerated Cure Project team!

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