Social Studies and History
Mr. Patrick Mehen, Head of Department

The Social Studies and History program in the Middle School is rooted firmly in a survey of past societies and civilizations that have had a significant impact on the world.  Students in Forms I-IV concentrate on both the geography and history of these civilizations.  To begin, students focus broadly on the peoples, socio-political movements, and storied events of the two hemispheres of the world, taking up the West in First Form and continuing with the East in Second Form.  Third and Fourth Form students carry out a two-year survey of the principal players and events that brought about the founding and subsequent growth of the United States, the first modern democracy of the West, with a significant unit on Texas History and an extended trip to Austin and San Antonio occurring during the second semester of Form III.  

In the Upper School, students in Forms V-VIII learn the art of historical inquiry through the study of original source information.  Throughout the four years of Upper School, students read portions or the entirety of epics, biographies, charters, letters of personal correspondence and political treatises and engage in basic historiography.  In Forms V and VI students intensify their original survey of the cultural and political history of civilizations from around the world.  Here, a formal study of regional artistic and musical expression is introduced.  In Form VII students renew their focus on the development of the United States of America, this time with a special emphasis given to the social, political, and economic movements fomented and played out there.  Finally, students in Form VIII study the political principles and the specific laws of the United States of America and of Texas in a college-level course on Government.

Department Faculty:

  • Rev. Anthony Bigney, O. Cist.

    Rev. Anthony Bigney, O. Cist.

    MTh University of Dallas, Irving, TX.
    BA Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.

    Form Master (Form III);
    Religion (Form IV);
    Government (Form VIII);
    Exodus Sponsor.

    phone: (469) 499-5448

  • Mr. Robert J. Haaser

    Mr. Robert J. Haaser

    MA North Texas State University, Denton, TX.
    BA University of Dallas, Irving, TX.

    History (Form IV);
    History Elective;
    Assistant Coach in Middle School Baseball.

    phone: (469) 499-5411

  • Mrs. Rwan Hardesty

    Mrs. Rwan Hardesty

    JD SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas, TX.
    MS San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
    BA University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV.

    Mock Trial and Negotiations Elective;
    Mock Trial Coach.

    phone: (469) 499-5400

  • Rev. Augustine Hoelke, O. Cist. | Class of 2000

    Rev. Augustine Hoelke, O. Cist. | Class of 2000

    MTh, BA University of Dallas, Irving, TX.
    MA University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX.

    Form Master (Form VII);
    History (Forms II, VI); History Elective;
    Associate Academic Quiz Bowl Sponsor.

    phone: (469) 499-5443

  • Mr. Jason Joseph

    Mr. Jason Joseph

    MA University of Dallas, Irving, TX.
    BA University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

    Social Studies (Forms I, III);
    History Elective;

    phone: (469) 499-5423

  • Rev. Bernard Marton, O. Cist.

    Rev. Bernard Marton, O. Cist.

    STB, STL, STD Pontificio Ateneo Sant'Anselmo, Rome, Italy
    MA Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.


    phone: (972) 438-2044 x5241

    Website Link

  • Mr. Patrick Mehen

    Mr. Patrick Mehen

    MP University of Dallas, Irving, TX.
    MA St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM.
    BA Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

    Head of Social Studies Department;
    History (Form V);
    Senior Seminar.

    phone: (469) 499-5416

  • Mr. Peter J. Saliga

    Mr. Peter J. Saliga

    MAS, MA University of Dallas, Irving, TX.
    BA Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, OH.

    Director of College Counseling;
    U.S. History (Form VII);
    History Elective.

    phone: (469) 499-5414