Welcome from the Headmaster

From the Headmaster

On August 22, Cistercian welcomed back a wonderful assembly of students, from our mighty seniors, who entered Opening Ceremonies with all the maturity and confidence of those anticipating their final year before college, to the small and still tentative First Formers (Class of 2024!) eager to take the initial steps on their eight year journey together. It was a tremendous blessing to greet them for the start of our 55th school year with such an outstanding cadre of dedicated faculty and with our campus as beautiful as ever, especially given the unusual August rains.

Our theme for the 2016-17 school year is “citizenship.” It is inspired in a particular way by the stirring leadership and civic mindedness of Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, as well as the many other dedicated citizens from across the North Texas, who despite sometimes heated differences regarding race, ideology, and partisan politics, came together at a most difficult time to “Back the Blue,” to heal wounds, and to help bring our local community and, by extension, our nation together. The choice of this theme for the year is also inspired by so many outstanding stories and examples of our Olympic athletes who competed in Brazil. Their sustained dedication, hard work, passion, and sacrifice represented the best of America’s values, while reflecting authentic global citizenship through good sportsmanship and a genuine respect for their fellow athletes from around world. Our theme of “citizenship” is also rooted in St. Paul’s use of the term in his Letter to the Ephesians, when he reminds us that our ultimate “citizenship” is indeed with the saints, both those who have already arrived as well as those still very much on the way. May all these understandings of “citizenship” both inform and transform our efforts throughout the coming year to inspire our students to find and, in turn, to lend their own unique voices, gifts, and talents for the sake of “enkindling and enlightening ” all the communities to which they belong.

In this and in many other ways, Cistercian seeks to remain true to our founding mission of preparing talented boys for the colleges of their choice by challenging their minds with an excellent academic program, molding their characters through the values of Catholic education, and offering them guidance with both understanding and discipline.

I hope you will be able to visit our campus soon to see firsthand all the ways Cistercian continues to “Enkindle and Enlighten” the promising young men entrusted to our care.

About the Headmaster

Fr. Paul McCormick, O. Cist. grew up in Beaumont, Texas, entered the Cistercian Abbey Our Lady of Dallas in 1992, and was ordained a priest in 1997. He holds an S.T.L. from Gregorian University, Rome, as well as B.A., M.B.A., and M.A. degrees from The University of Dallas.

Fr. Paul is beginning his 20th year in Cistercian Preparatory School, having served in a wide variety of roles as a teacher of theology and Latin, Form Master for the classes of 2005 and of 2013, sponsor of Student Council and of the Community Service Council, Head of Middle School, Admissions Director, and Assistant Headmaster.

In addition to his work in the School, Fr. Paul is also Prior of the Monastery, regularly hears confessions at the Holy Trinity Seminary, and provides pastoral assistance in various local parishes, as requested.